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Who We Are

Be Like the Duck on the Water

When I was young I was full of “get the job done!” An “old-timer” saw my exuberant inexperience and took me under his wing. He said, “Marty, be like the duck on the water.” A duck’s legs are feverish beneath the surface. Above, you see grace and beauty. It’s a metaphor for working hard while doing a beautiful job. It’s hustle without mistakes. It’s beautiful work without the fuss. This made a lot sense to me. It still does. Just ask our team. They’ve heard it as much as their own name. When you see their work you’ll know it’s not just a clever phrase. It’s who they are. It’s how they approach every job we do.

It’s why our logo is a duck. It’s the perfect symbol of our commitment to you.

Like ducks on the water,

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Marty & Carrie Sheehan

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P.S. In case you think Marty is “the show”, you should know that Carrie oversees the business while Marty oversees the service techs and installers. We founded Emerald together in 2000. It’s a true partnership and wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for our combined strengths. Kind of like heating and cooling.

Meet Your Team

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Marty Sheehan
Install Manager
Here at Emerald, we are all on the same team. It’s a challenge to put units together and to figure out why something isn’t working. But we always get the job done and give 100%. It’s such a rewarding experience
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Carrie Sheehan
Business Manager
I love my job because people love their homes even more after we've helped them. Just look at all those 5-star reviews!
trust our techs with your next Furnace repair in Lancaster NY
Darrell Nurmi
Service Manager
The integrity and honesty of our employees and the attentiveness to our customers really make Emerald a great place to work.
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Craig Peters
Field Supervisor
I really enjoy meeting new people and providing solutions for clients. There is definitely a team atmosphere at Emerald that keeps everyone working toward a common goal and I like being a part of that Team.
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Joe Toolen
Field Supervisor
I love my job thanks to Marty and Carrie who have always promoted a family environment at the company. It's easy to care about the company, and in return treat our customers like they are part of the family too.
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Michael Ushman
Dispatch/Customer Service
I start and end my day at Emerald feeling proud to work here. I come into a family atmosphere where everybody is friendly, supports each other and they give our customers the same kindness and support.
Get your Furnace replacement done by Emerald Heating & Cooling in Depew NY
Jake DuBois
Service Technician
I enjoy using my tools and knowledge to help people be comfortable in their home. If there is something I don’t know, I know there is always a team of people ready and able to provide me with the answers I need.
Emerald Heating & Cooling, ready to service your Furnace in Lancaster NY
Justin Geber
Service Technician
Emerald is so family oriented and I love the trucks that we use for service! The duck always puts a smile on our customers face.
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Travis Benson
Service Technician
We work as a team and we work well together. Emerald has a family feel to it, someone is always there to help you out when you need it.
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Mark Nurmi
Service Technician/Installer
My coworkers have become like family to me. Marty is like our dad who always gives us guidance and help when we need it. At the end of the day seeing my work is so rewarding.
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Adam Chapman
Emerald treats its employees like family, the work environment great! Everyone is helpful and friendly, it makes work fly by.
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Marc Higgins
I love Emerald because it's family oriented. We have great people to work with, when it’s time to work, we always work hard!
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Morgan Montour
I like working at Emerald because it has a great working environment and is a company with a great family atmosphere.
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Sean Hughes
Emerald is great because everyone works together as one big family to accomplish tasks and we always get the job done.

What Can You Expect with Every Visit?

Leave the maintenance stress to our technicians on your next Furnace service in Buffalo NY

“Problem solved...guaranteed”: We’ve said it before, but any problem you’re facing with your heating or cooling units will be just another day at the office for us. It may seem like a nightmare if your heater is broken during the winter, but we’ve encountered plenty of these challenges before and know exactly how to solve them in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Money back guarantee: It’s difficult enough to put your trust in a company when it comes to dealing with your finances, it’s even more difficult when there is no guarantee of success or refund if the job isn’t done correctly. Luckily, when you work with a trusted company like ours, we guarantee 100% satisfaction or you don’t pay a cent.

Honest service: We’re not out here trying to make a quick dollar. We want to be your go-to company and we want you to feel good knowing that you are the predominant reason for our success. Our growth is dependent on how much you value our services. We hope we can exceed your expectations, giving you the outstanding service you deserve.

Uniformed staff: It can always be a bit unnerving when you have to let a stranger into your home, especially if there is no way to confirm who they are. Because of this reason, we provide our professionals with uniforms that you can easily recognize when you see them at your door.

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