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Emergency Services

Depew Emergency Heating & Cooling Services

Whether it is in the hottest day of summer or one of the coldest winter nights, it is important that your heating and cooling systems are working properly. Despite all the planning that may be put into place, emergencies can still occur. These emergencies aren’t just inconvenient, they can also lead to heightened issues that are far more serious than you initially thought.

Here at Emerald Heating & Cooling in Depew, NY, we have been handling heating and cooling emergencies for many years. We have helped residents throughout Depew and several surrounding areas to remedy some of the most critical heating and cooling problems.

Have a heater emergency on your hands?

The most common types of home heating systems are furnaces and heat pumps. When it comes to your home furnace and heat pump, there are a number of emergency situations that can occur.

  • Lack of circulation: The first issue is when warm air is not circulating through your home properly. This can lead to a cold home and a great deal of discomfort. To prevent this problem, you want to get your filters routinely cleaned and checked for damage.
  • Broken belt or worn bearings: The next emergency issue is a broken belt or worn bearings that result in your furnace overheating. This problem can be prevented by making sure your belt is in good condition and that bearings are set in place.
  • Failure to power on: The final emergency is ignition issues, which leads to little or no heat being released. To prevent this, proper care should be taken to make sure that the ignition is in good condition.

Furnace and heater emergencies are best prevented by proper maintenance of your home's unit. When you receive maintenance, a professional will not only ensure that every component of the unit is working like it should, but that nothing is worn out or unclean. This helps your unit last longer and it also decreases the chance that emergencies will occur.

What are some cooling emergencies and how can you prevent them?

During the hot summer months, you really don’t want your air conditioning to go out. A few AC emergencies include:

  • A refrigerant leak due to a broken hose.
  • The fan and compressor wearing out, because of age or damage.
  • Sensor problems that cause infrequent and sporadic air conditioning.
  • A lack of drainage that causes clogging and damage to your unit.

The above emergencies are serious problems that can hinder your ability to be comfortable within your home. One of the key preventative actions that you can take, is to have your unit maintained properly and on a regular basis. When maintenance occurs, a professional will ensure that your unit is clean, that the drainage is working properly, and that your sensors and compressor are in perfect condition. This not only protects your unit from emergencies, it also helps your unit last longer.

At Emerald Heating & Cooling in Depew, NY our professionals are highly experienced in handling heating and cooling emergencies. Our services can ensure that your unit is operating properly and that your heating and cooling issues are completely taken care of.

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