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AC Installation and Replacement

Depew AC Installation and Replacement Services

You depend on your AC unit in the summer to maintain a favorable condition that meets the needs of your home or business. Whenever your AC experiences issues, you’ll be sure to feel it very soon. Staying on top of your AC to know when it is time to have it repaired or replaced. With our services you can be sure that we’ll leave you with a better working AC that will serve you for years to come.

How do you know if it’s time to replace your AC unit?

Air conditioners should be maintained often, so they can work effectively, but there are times when a unit passes the point of no return and needs to be replaced. Some sign you can keep an eye out for include:

  • Frequent air conditioners repairs: If the majority of services on your AC in the past year have been for repairs, then the device may need to be replaced.
  • Loud operations: We are familiar with the sounds of an effective air conditioning unit. If a device produces an abnormal sound, then the amount of wear and tear is heavy. You can call our company, so that the device can be checked to determine if it needs to be replaced.
  • Increase in electric bill: When you notice a steady increase in your energy bills, then that device has aged to the point where it definitely needs replacement. The age of your unit will always be a good reflection of how well you should be expecting it to run. If your unit is over a decade old and not working properly, it is most likely time to have it replaced.

Should you recharge your AC’s refrigerant?

An AC’s refrigerant absorbs heat from air inside the home then transfers it outside, to make your interior feel cool. When a leak has occurred and refrigerant is running low then you will be needing a recharge. If someone notices the following, call us to recharge your refrigerant.

  • When it take’s the AC a really long time to effectively cool the entire house.
  • When there is an indication of ice copper elements in the air conditioner coil.
  • When the system is spouting hot air from the vents, despite the thermostat being set to a cool temperature.

How can you save money on your cooling bill?

The amount of money being spent on air conditioners in terms of cooling costs always looks better if it can be reduced. Here are some tips for reducing your energy costs:

  • Regulate thermostat: Thermostats are regulated by homeowners, but when you’re not there, the AC will be stuck at one setting. We usually encourage people to use programmable thermostats, which helps to save on energy even if people are not in there home.
  • Clean air filters: Normally, dirty air filters reduce efficiency, because the system has to work harder to push air out. Making sure your filters are replaced regularly will ensure that your unit continues working at optimum efficiency.
  • Routine checkups: This will improve the efficiency of the machine, ensuring it will last you longer. You will also be able to maintain a close eye on your system to make sure everything is working properly.
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