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AC Repairs and Maintenance

Depew AC Repairs and Maintenance Services

Relying on your AC system to perform season in and season out, calls for routine maintenance to ensure it is operating at optimum performance. At Emerald Heating & Cooling in Depew, NY, we know what it takes to keep your AC unit producing fresh, cool air throughout the summer.

What are some common AC problems you can expect to encounter?

As the warm weather starts to come in, most people are prepared to turn on the AC and less prepared to cope with a system that is not working correctly. The most common AC problems are:

  • Thermostat issues: if the room temperature is either too hot or too cold for the setting, it could be a faulty thermostat. It might be old, it might need to have its batteries replaced, or it could be a wiring problem or a programming defect.
  • Short cycling: Larger units tend to have shorter run times, and sometimes a unit may not be the appropriate size for the home or office. It could be that the refrigerant is undercharged or overcharged or worse, there could be a leak. This not only interferes with efficient operation, it can also be dangerous to the environment.
  • Frozen coil: Usually caused by decreased performance, reduced airflow, or heavy condensation, a frozen coil can put added pressure on the compressor, producing very costly consequences.
  • Inoperative fan: This can be detected by a humming sound emanating from the condenser, but the fan blades are not moving. It could be as simple as a bad capacitor or as complex as a bad motor.

If any of these symptoms are plaguing your AC unit, we are prepared to come out, inspect the system, and provide the necessary repairs to get your system operating properly once again.

Which parts of the AC are inspected and tuned-up during professional maintenance checks?

To ensure there is proper airflow, we inspect the filters and examine the ductwork to check for any obstructions or leaks. We make sure all the motors and blowers are operating correctly, verify the thermostat is properly calibrated, and perform a complete control board inspection. We check the outgoing exhaust and incoming air temperature before we are able to confirm the system is functioning efficiently.

What are some signs that your AC needs to be repaired?

When your air conditioning costs keeps going up while performance continues to fall, we may need to pay your home a visit to see what is causing the problem. When motors, contacts, wiring, or connections fail, you need a professional professional to be able to test and rule out all other possibilities before determining what needs to be repaired. This is not a repair that you want to perform on your own. The danger is great and the risk of electrocution is serious, so it is best to leave this complicated procedure to one of our professionals.

Why is AC maintenance important?

Your bank account is at risk when you do not pursue routine maintenance on your AC unit. Detecting small issues before they become major repairs with major expense not only keeps you on budget, it keeps the indoor air quality at its peak for your family’s health and comfort.

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