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At Emerald Heating & Cooling, we offer all of the heating, cooling, and water heater services that you will ever need. When you need help with any of these aspects of your home, call us right away so we can send someone to your front door ASAP. It won’t be long before we have your home running well again!

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HVAC In Lockport NY

When you are on the lookout for reliable professionals to maintain or repair your HVAC in Lockport NY, the team from Emerald Heating & Cooling is here for you. We will work with you to make sure you get the solutions you need quickly so your HVAC will be ready when you need to use it.

Our Lockport Heating and Cooling services include:

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Air Conditioning in Lockport

No matter what you need to fix your air conditioning in Lockport, we can get the job done with skill, speed, and precision. From AC replacements and installations to AC repairs in Lockport, our HVAC technicians have you covered. We can maintain your air conditioner, too, so that it will continue to work efficiently and effectively in your home for years.


Lockport Heating Services

We know that you rely on your heater to keep you comfortable and safe all winter long. Our team will work with you to provide Lockport heating services to make sure your home stays warm and comfortable. We’ll fix your heating system, replace it with a new one, or maintain it so you can rest assured it’s working as designed.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair in Lockport, NY

Here are several indicators that your furnace may need to be repaired:

        • Unusual noises or vibrations emanating from the furnace

        • Your home may have uneven heating or chilly regions

        • Your utility expenditures have risen, suggesting that your furnace is no longer efficient.

        • Your furnace is creating strange scents or spewing carbon monoxide

        • Your furnace is cycling on and off or does not turn on at all

Call us whenever you need furnace repair in Lockport, NY! One of our Top Ducks will be there ASAP for any and all your HVAC Lockport, NY needs!

Lockport Furnace Installation & Replacement

Our team can help you choose a new furnace and install it for you, too. Call us today to start your Lockport furnace installation and/or replacement soon. We will get to you fast and help you keep your heat running well.

Signs You Need Furnace Replacement in Lockport, NY

Here are several indicators that it’s time to replace your furnace in Lockport:

    • Your furnace is more than 15 years old, and repairs are becoming increasingly common and expensive

    • Despite your attempts to minimize use, your energy costs have continually increased

    • Your furnace is no longer uniformly heating your home, and there are chilly areas

    • Your furnace is producing weird noises or releasing strange scents

    • Your furnace requires regular repairs, which cost more than half the price of a new furnace

We work on all types of heaters, so don’t hesitate to call us when you need help with your heating and cooling in Lockport, NY!

Lockport Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality problems can lead to health issues and more. If you’re concerned about your indoor air quality, contact us right away so we can help you find the best solutions for your needs. We’ll make sure you have clean air to breathe every day, so call Emerald whenever you need help with HVAC in Lockport, NY!

Water Heater Services In Lockport, NY

Stop trying to stretch your hot water or live without it. Call us today for a water heater repair or replacement. We’ll make sure it’s working the way you need it to before we leave. We can also help you find a new water heater and install it for you ASAP.

Lockport Water Heater Repair

No matter what you need when it comes to water heater repair, our plumbers are here for you. We’ll examine your water heater and test it until we know what is causing your problem. Then, we’ll work hard to get you the solutions you need ASAP so you won’t have to live without hot water for very long!

Lockport Water Heater Replacement

If you need a new water heater, don’t worry! Our team will ask you a few questions about how much and how often you use your heater, then work with you to help you get the solutions you need. We’ll make sure you end up with a new water heater that matches your system and your needs, then install it and make sure it’s working before we leave.

Lockport Water Heater Maintenance

Maintain your water heater to keep it working optimally and to lower your chances of suddenly ending up without hot water. We’ll make sure we get your heater flushed, change your anode rod if you need it, and test each component of the system. If you need repairs, we’ll get them done as soon as possible.

Tankless Water Heaters In Lockport, NY

Give us a call when you need help with tankless water heaters, too. Whether you are putting one in for the first time or you have one that isn’t working, our team will help you find the solutions you need fast. Get your tankless water heater working well soon when you call on our team.

Call Emerald Heating And Cooling For HVAC Services In Lockport Today!

No matter your heating and cooling needs in Lockport, give Emerald a call today! Our expert technicians are standing by, ready to assist you with whatever you need. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call Emerald today!